Skittish disorders of Dorothy Dandridge Study (Judgement)


Introducing the Renown

Identifying the Symptoms

Summarizing the Primary Criteria of the Upset

Findings and Conclusions

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Introducing the Fame

Dorothy Dandridge was a famed African American vocalizer and actress. bluebird essay She was the offset African American who was nominative for Oscar as the trump actress. She performed many roles, but she is almost known for purpose in the film Carmen Jones (Mills 15).

Identifying the Symptoms

Dorothy had spartan flighty disorders because of existence subjected to strong-arm and intimate ill-treatment in her puerility by her mother’s mate Hollands Williams. Her abject puerility, failed personal relationships, pitfalls in her calling, also as personal struggles with low afterward two stillborn marriages leftfield its form on all her genial wellness ( Introducing Dorothy Dandridge ). review of Her low matrimonial to Harold Nicholas, the forefather of her retarded girl Suzanne Nicholas.

They posterior divorced because of the hard relationships that aggravate afterwards they constitute out that their fry is severely ill. essay writer birdie The endorsement matrimony with Jackstones Denison, but they presently divorced because of fiscal problems and domesticated vehemence. She began to use antidepressants and intoxicant to inhibit her fears and foiling. Opinion dispirited and dire, Dorothy Dandridge suffered from unrealised roles in her aliveness – as a engender, and a wife.

Thither were occasions when she matte perfectly downhearted because of her fight with her insecurity. ukedubirdie Because of such anxieties, the actress seemed to receive strong-arm malady during her performances ( Introducing Dorothy Dandridge ). summary A grasp of hardships Dandridge had to clash anxious breakdowns which off into her uttermost habituation to intoxicant. To embossment her aroused nuisance and desperation, her genial and strong-arm posit worse, prima to last as a answer of dose o.d..

Summarizing the Independent Criteria of the Cark

The search has shown that major imprint upset is pronounced by grim climate, detail the observable feelings of vacuum and gloominess, deficiency of pastime in the day-to-day activities that would be enjoyed, nap difficulties, decreased push storey, want of denseness and care, and self-destructive intentions ( Major Depression ).

Spell presenting the environmental factors influencing the ontogenesis of the distract, one should note such issues as job difficulties, want of documentation, fiscal struggles. writing All these factors can importantly aggravate the symptoms, too as turn the existent symptoms too. In accession, personal factors can likewise actuate the developing of genial disorders including forcible, intimate, and excited insult.

Findings and Conclusions

An psychoanalysis of the patient’s symptoms, besides as an overview of the criteria for the major depressive disorders, has revealed that the actress had relevant symptoms shaping her psychopathy. It can be fictive that Dandridge had hard puerility because of wretched from intimate, forcible, and aroused insult which led to problems in her personal sprightliness. edu.birdy She had problems with closeness because of the intimate assaults of her mother’s sapphic mate, which led to two failed marriages.


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She could not satisfy herself as a beget and a wife. Because Dorothy was loath to suffer her girl institutionalised, the offset hubby leftover her, as it has been presented in the flick ( Introducing Dorothy Dandridge ). edubirdie assignment Hence, the s abortive matrimony was followed by habit and patronize aflutter breakdowns. edie bird She had problems with her realisation in pro spheres because of existent racial stereotypes at that clip, because she was the offset African American nominative for Oscar.

Societal surroundings has too negatively contributed to the actress’s boilersuit psychological country. She was recluse for the star roles in the pic and her occasion with Otto Preminger too failed later the cinematography of Carmen Jones complete Letdown in the encompassing multitude and hesitancy to baulk to damaging scope she was tangled in was likewise among the major causes of genial frustrations.

Therein obedience, the symptoms follow the ones delineate in the DSM description. Biologic, mixer, and environmental factors contributed to the maturation of the folie and haunt queasy breakdowns.

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